Zach Howard

Zach Howard is a freelance professional illustrator of 18 years. His most notable employers include Marvel, Disney, DC, Warner Bros., Image, IDW, Boom, Simon & Schuster, and Steve Jackson Games. Zach’s most popular projects are The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder, Shaun of the Dead, Spiderman, X-Men, GI Joe, and Batman . He has been nominated for an Eisner award, multiple Indie awards and received an Amazon Book of the Month selection for Wild Blue Yonder.

Zach is currently wrapping up a sequel to The Cape with Joe Hill and produces a digital comic book with Common, Robert Glasper, and Gerard Butler for Webtoons. He is also a co-creator and Art Director of the Frames Prison Program in tandem with the Brink Literacy charity which will be putting out an anthology to promote women’s education for inmates. In addition to his professional work, Zach is passionate about supporting young artists and has dedicated much of his time to helping nurture the next generation of creators.