Tyler Crook

Mr. Tyler Crook is an American artist living in the 21st century. For twelve years he toiled in an unlit cubicle making art for sports video games. This left him bearded and almost completely translucent. Then in 2011 he struck gold, comic book gold, with the release of Petrograd an original graphic novel written by Philip Gelatt and published by Oni Press. He is survived by his wife and many pets… but he’s not dead… yet. In fact, he is very busy working on titles like Witchfinder, Badblood, B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, 6th Gun, Harrow County and Stone King. And oh yeah, he won a Russ Manning award in 2012 which is kind of an Eisner Award… but not really. He lives in Oregon with his amazing wife and weird pets.