Sam Nakahira

I am a fourth year undergraduate at Grinnell College where I am a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and HASTAC scholar, interested in sharing stories from history, current events, my travel abroad, and my daily life through comics.

Since I was a kid, I would read comics, manga, and graphic novels all day long. Just as my favorite cartoonists and artists have done for me, I want to draw stories that transform readers’ worlds, perspectives, and thoughts.

Through my historical comics, I look at how food, culture, and history intersect. A major theme of my work is shedding light on and recognizing many Asian Americans for their contributions to various institutions in the US—many who have been not been recognized in main historical narratives.

Currently, I am creating a graphic novel around the history of a Japanese American food retailer who played a leading but unrecognized role in the development of California cuisine and farm to table movements.

Genre: An Artist / Creator, A Zine Publisher