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Ron Reeves


SPandEx Studio started from the combining, superimposing, layering of images, objects and ideas Hours of thinking made the one thing clear.. everything… everything is based upon aesthetics. Meaning and emotion and meaning is laid on top of things that are shiny and cool looking. What we call emotion could not be possible without an image . It is always a beautiful vase or diamond ring that releases the emotion love. A photo of a family member can cause hate and pain. If it is not shinny or ancient looking we are trained to ignore it. We don’t give a tug of a dead dogs weiner what you think about when you when you are not interacting with our objects. But while we have you, your brain will do what we want. You will stop and look, wondering what we are trying selling you. Thing that are so funny, so twisted and absurd that it just seems so new and shinny to you. You wonder what cause I am trying to guiltwww. you into throwing your money at. You want to know why? Because you can’t look away from flashy objects or screens. We just want to use that to entertain and fuck with you. Plain and simple. Life is a bit, a bad sketch, the off color joke, a dog and pony show that just has you for a life time chasing even bigger and shinier things. So that is what our job is. Producing that unimportant useless, strange, absurd, funny and at times scary things is our job.
And we are good at it…