Robert Elrod

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Robert Elrod

Robert Elrod is a self-taught artist who works with a variety of mediums across multiple genres. His artwork has appeared on the covers of several novels and anthologies from small-press horror authors and publishers. Robert has contributed art to publications by Bluewater Comics, Creephouse Comics, Creator‰Ûªs Edge Press, Abandoned Comics, Angry Dog Press, British Fantasy Society, Lovecraft eZine, This Is Horror, Permuted Press, Ragnarok Publications, and ZED Presents. He has self published comics and has contributed to anthologies from Books of the Dead Press.

Some of his earliest art influences include Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Jeffrey Jones, Esteban Moroto, Jose Gonzalez, Sanjulian, Basil Gogos, Rudy Nebres, Alfredo Alcala and many many more.
Location: Parker, Colorado
Genre / Style: Horror / Fantasy / Alternative Comix / Humor probably all fit my “Tickling A Dead Man: Stories About George” comics

Horror / Fantasy would best fit other comics that I’ve produced. I’ve been reworking the script for a horror comic that I want to work on that has elements of many genres.
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