Rachael Pollard

“Hot Sauce the Dog!” is singer-songwriter Rachael Pollard’s latest love song to Denver. A black & white comic zine that crushes and gushes on local music and beyond! Personal anecdotes and adventures and tons of fan pages all about the “Denver dog scene”. Pollard takes real bands and turns everyone into dogs and cats. There is a fun “credits page” where readers can look up the artists and become their newest fans! Each issue is packed with drawings and stories, a whopping 12-pager. Hot Sauce is so cute and she goes to shows, on tours, and wigs out when it’s her turn to be in the limelight. A page-turner that will keep you enthralled! Edutainment about the underground music scenes of the last 20 years! All true stories! It’s paws-i-tively puppy-rific.

Genre: An Artist / Creator