MQ Comics

Augusto Mora is a comicbook author. His work as a graphic novelist has participated in different exhibitions around de world, such as “José Guadalupe Posada. El gran ilustrador de lo mexicano” at Mexican History Museum of Monterrey; “BDMEX 2014” at Blueberry Festival, Bourgues France ; “Paginas vivas” at Island Museum at Cozumel and “Where are they taking us to?” at Lawndale Art Center, in Houston, Tx. He has written and illustrated several graphic novels, for example: “El Maizo, la maldición del vastago” 2010, “Tiempos Muertos” 2012, “Muerte Querida” 2012, “Grito de Victoria” 2013, “Fuertes Declaraciones” 2014, “¿A donde nos llevan” 2015 and “Encuentro en la Tormenta” 2018. He worked at MAD Magazine Mexico, El Chamuco, Milenio Diario newspaper, El Universal newspaper and Emeequis magazine. Augusto won the 1st Graphic Novel Award by Editorial Jus. He got the “Jovenes Creadores” scholarship twice in 2014 and in 2016 granted by FONCA.

Genre: An Artist / Creator