Maria Griffin (Hoey)

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Maria Griffin (Hoey)

Peter and Maria Hoey are brother and sister artists. Since 2001 they have worked together on opposite coasts, relying on technology and a similar sense of humor to create their work. Their illustrations appear in magazines and newspapers, commercials, and advertising.

They have contributed comics to past issues of Blab! and since 2007, have published their work independently under the name Coin-Op.

Their comics have received notice in The Best American Comics, BAC‰Ûªs Notable Comics list, The Society of Illustrators, and many issues of American Illustration.

Their newest collection, Coin-Op no. 6: The Last Great Time debuted in the summer of 2016.

They are hard at work on Coin-Op no. 7.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre / Style: Our larger anthologies explore: Music, Film, and Humor, as well as abstract, and visual puzzles. Our flip books explore our love of animation and our Coin-Op Singles series focuses on pop culture, and music ( both true stories, and biographies, as well as imagined, more comic, tales).
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