Mandy Robertson is a midwest born, self taught artist with an aspiration for comics, energy drinks, and glitter. She currently resides in Wisconsin with her super supportive partner, Devin, and her dog-child, Rue.

Her current comic projects include #Wafflefry (modern day suburban fantasy about teenagers with weird superpowers fighting strange parasitic demons called Trolls in midwest suburbia), Star-Crossed (modern day urban fantasy about a boy dealing with the death of his best friend and how they’re impossibly reunited), Into the Void of the Couch (an Alice in Wonderland-esque one shot following Clover as she navigates through a strange land with the help of two raven familiars), and Clavis Calvaria (a modern day urban fantasy about a weird kid apprehending the key to his freedom—the Golden Stag).

Genre: An Artist / Creator