Liz Prince

Liz Prince is the Ignatz award-winning creator of the humorous autobio books Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? (Top Shelf 2005), Alone Forever (Top Shelf 2014), and Be Your Own Backing Band (Silver Sprocket 2017). Her book Tomboy: a graphic memoir (Zest Books 2014), received the Gold Medal Independent Publishers award for best graphic novel, has been translated into French, Spanish, and Korean, and continues to work its way into classrooms across the world as a text about gender and identity. Liz has also made comics for many Cartoon Network titles such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Clarence and, alongside artist Amanda Kirk, created a comic series for Boom!Box called Coady and the Creepies. Currently she is documenting her daily life through comics for subscribers of her Patreon. Liz grew up in Santa Fe, and now lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband, Kyle, and her cats Wolfman & Dracula.