Kate Rhodes

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Kate Rhodes

KaiJu was created by infusing the creative passions of Kate Rhodes, a cartoonist,

and Jennifer Xu, an animator. Rhodes and Xu graduated from SVA in their

respective majors and worked for companies such as Straight Up Films for stage

design, Skynamic Studios for concept art, and Golden Pine Forest for anime



Jen and Kate were first published in Sparkler Monthly in April of 2014 with their

debut work ‰ÛÏThe Ring of Saturn‰Û�. Their next work ‰ÛÏMahou Josei Chimaka‰Û�, won a

Dink award in March of 2016. Their latest work, ‰ÛÏInhabitant of Another Planet‰Û� is

currently updating twice a week at Sparklermonthly.com
Location: DENVER, CO
Genre / Style:
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