Josh Trujillo

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Josh Trujillo

Josh Trujillo is a writer, editor, and comic book creator based in Los Angeles, California. He is currently writing the ADVENTURE TIME graphic novel series for Cartoon Network and Boom! Studios, as well as the technological romance series LOVE MACHINES. In addition, Trujillo is editor of the gaming anthology DEATH SAVES: FALLEN HEROES OF THE KITCHEN TABLE.

Beginning in 2014, LOVE MACHINES is an ongoing series dealing with how romance and relationships are affected by technology. This year marks the release of LOVE MACHINES Volume 1, collecting the first six issues in a color hardcover format. In 2015, Josh Trujillo created, edited and published DEATH SAVES: FALLEN HEROES OF THE KITCHEN TABLE, which features the work of over 40 international creators. Successfully funded through Kickstarter, it is currently available in comic book shops everywhere.

You can remain updated on his work by following Josh on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan or visiting him at
Location: West Hollywood, California
Genre / Style: Adventure / Autobiographical / Political / Gender Sexuality / Historical / Humor / Kids / Comics / Manga / Non-Fiction / Romance / Science Fiction / Westerns / Zines
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