Jim Norris

JIM-NORRISJim Norris was born with a natural punk rock entrepreneurial spirit that laid the foundation for him to be the successful self-starter he is today. Norris first owned and ran his own construction company for years before moving into promoting live music and nightclubs in Denver, Colorado. He spent nearly a decade working with Nobody In Particular Presents at the legendary Bluebird and Ogden Theaters. He continued in the live music scene by opening up 3 Kings Tavern, now approaching its 10th successful year in business and having produced over 2000 shows and events. In 2013 he expanded on his DIY business model by opening Mutiny Information Café-an independent bookstore/comic book store/record shop devoted to well made coffee and bringing people with diverse interests and backgrounds together in a common forum of art, literature and music. Most recently, Norris continued to cultivate the independent arts by co-founding CABAL, a community driven arts incubator featuring retail, gallery and creative space.