is PRESS publishes DIY zines and art books by artists on Urban and Conceptual Art. is PRESS is the press of international Prank-Art collective Institute of Sociometry.

Select is PRESS titles for DINK will be: Raw Fury #6 – an annual book/zine survey or urban art in Denver and Chicago, Man Made – a photographic survey and document of all the man made trash, detritus, and industrial anomalies seen on a 550 mile walk across Wyoming. MisMerched – a zine of photos of misplaced products at the grocery store with accompanying haikus, LLiLL documenting the placement of Leftist zines in Little Free Libraries in a bourgeoisie neighborhood, LiLL #2 which documents months or surveillance data collected on people interacting with a Little Free Library, and EMANCIPATION a limited edition, handmade anthology of Institute of Sociometry edited by MCA Denver Associate Curator Zoe Larkins.

Genre: An Artist / Creator, A Publisher, A Zine Publisher, Street or Urban Artist