Harm Reduction Action Center

Kat Humphries is a harm reductionist bringing her love of art to help proliferate taboo information that helps keep people safe and alive. With a focus on harm reduction guides for highly stigmatized drug use, Kat’s 1st “Methamphetazine” (and Spanish language version “Metanfetazine”) are being distributed in needle exchanges and harm reduction centers nationally and internationally across Canada. She’s currently working on a “Benzodiazezine” as well as a currently untitled drug nasal spray zine, and a zine focused on wound care for people experiencing homelessness. She also has made countless infographics to educate the public about safer drug use and how to avoid stigmatizing those who use drugs. All content and art is created and reviewed by and for people who use highly stigmatized substances and by people who are currently or have previously experienced homelessness in Denver.

Genre: A Zine Publisher, OTHER