2019 Dog Cosplay

A celebration of nerd and canine culture, it is a craftsmanship award presentation mixed with a cuteness factor and fashion show display. All entries must represent a character or element from the nerd culture realm.

Competitors will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • No pooping or peeing on the judges.
  • Cuteness factor! OMG! (Weird is good too!)
  • No store bought costumes UNLESS your dog purchased it themselves.
  • Bonus Points if your dog can take it’s own selfie.

Each entrant will submit an application to be reviewed by the DiNK team – entrants may only enter one canine costume into the competition. If approved, accepted contestants will be contacted by the DiNK Team and will advance on to the competition stage of the DiNK: 86th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS of (Dog) COSPLAY.

Contestants will be judged on the quality and craftsmanship of their costumes. 20% of the costume must be made by the wearer or the owner, whichever comes first. In addition, costumes must be at least 75% complete by the time of application. Selected contestants will compete on the Main Stage.

Judges will award first, second and third place prizes for the best dogcosplayers. Dogs will win treats. Humans will win treats too. Contestants will provide DiNK with a brief costume description for the announcers to read as they cross the stage and exhibit two to three poses before exiting.

No speaking or individualization of music is allowed as pre-selected music will play throughout the event. Barking is allowed. The time limit per participant on stage is approximately one minute. Space in the DiNK: 43rd ANNUAL INTERGALACTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS of (Dog) COSPLAY is limited and entry will be based on each applicant’s form and picture.

There are no group entries allowed...unless it’s a really cool idea and you can convince us.


Prizes will be awarded based on the following criteria and the judges whims: Creativity, Fun, No Pooping, Cuteness (OMG!), Dog Selfies. Please note: this is the criteria currently planned, but DiNK reserves the right to adjust the criteria based on entries received.

  • *Per Denver city law, all pets are required to be Spayed or Neutered within city limits.