Dirty Diamonds (Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman)

Dirty Diamonds is an award-winning all-girl comic anthology edited and published by Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman that has been releasing issues since 2011 and is based out of Philadelphia. Each book features a unique theme around which all of the comics focus, covering topics ranging from Beauty to Imagination to Being. We’ve featured hundreds of comic creators from around the world over our nine-volume history. Kelly and Claire are each comic creators in their own right: Kelly is the creator of Weird Me, about her teenage years as the webmaster of “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site, as well as other autobio comics such as The Catalogue, about her childhood in a crazy cat lady household, and the parody comic Oh, The Things You Won’t Know! Claire also creates comics that focus on her life and exploring the comics medium as a form of art.

Genre: An Artist / Creator, A Publisher