Previous DiNKY Awards Winners

DiNKy 2019 Winners & Nominees

Diversity Category
WINNER: Upgrade Soul, By Ezra Clayton Daniels
Cardboard Kingdom, by Chad Sell
Strange Fruit, by Jowl Christian Gill
Electrum a mixed race anthology by Dershing Helmer and Kiku Hughes

Anthology/Collection Category
WINNER: Coin-Op, by Peter and Maria Hoey
Cecil and Jordan In New York, by Gabrielle Bell From Uncivilized Books
Now #5, Edited by Eric Reynolds From Fantagraphics
Once Upon a Time Machine, Edited by Andrew Carl

Mini Category
Annual, by Miles Monroe
WINNER: Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 3, by Tom Kaczynski from Uncivilized Books
Conversation with a Dead Girl by Oliver Northwood
Meeting Comics #1, by Andrew Neal

Colorado Category
WINNER: Quick, the Clockwork Knight and the Pyramid of Doom, By Thane Benson
Cindersong, by Sarah Stern
The City was Never Going to Let Go, by Karl Christian Krumpholz
Annual by Miles Monroe

Webcomics Category
Metaphorical Her, by James Maddox and David Stoll
WINNER: Where No One Lives, by Zorika Gaeta
Clink, by Mario A Gonzalez
Heart of Gold, by Elisabeth Baumgartner & Viviane Tanner

Floppy Category
Danger to Self, by Andy Sebastion
WINNER: Wash Day, by Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith
Ashborn, by Cait Zellers & Carolyn Calabrese
Where No One Lives by Zorika Gaeta

Mid/Large Category
WINNER: Is this Guy For Real?, by Box Brown from First Second
Sabrina, by Nick Drnaso from Drawn & Quarterly
Strange Fruit, II by Joel Christian Gill from Fulcrum Publishing
Upgrade Soul, by Ezra Claytan Daniels by Lion Forge

Self-Published Category
The City was Never Going to let Go by Karl Christian Krumpholz
Superpose Vol II by Seosam Ciaran & Anka Connolly
Quick, the Clockwork Knight,& the pyramid of Doom by Thane Benson
WINNER: Yakai : Night Mystery by Muele Jarvis & Noriko Tamura

Zine Category
Drip, by Claudia Campero
WINNER: Coffee People Zine, by Kat Melheim
Silence Makes Them Lonely, Michael and Robert Herring
Comet Bus by Nate Powell and Aaron Cometbus

Small Press Category
WINNER: Cecil and Jordan In New York, By Gabrielle Bell from Uncivilized Books
Clandestinuats, by Tim Sievert from Uncivilized Books
Electrum: an all-ages mixed race anthology created by Der-shing Helmer and Kiku Hughes by Ascend Comics
One Dirty Tree, by Noah VanSciver from Uncivilized Books

New Kid’s Category (Best work for Young Readers)
Tsu and the Outliers, by Erik Johnson from Odod books
WINNER: The Cardboard Kingdom, by Chad Sell from Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
Rickety Stitch And The gelatinous Goo: The Middle-Route Run by Ben Costa & James Parks from Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
That Night a Monster by Marzena Sowa from Odod books