Best of Colorado Award

Award given for outstanding work that was published and or created in Colorado. Over a 12-month residence is required.

Outstanding Diversity Award

Award given to a creator/artist of outstanding work that demonstrates a significant contribution from a diverse community or culture.

Definition of ‘Diversity’: Diversity is rich and complex; it includes but is not limited to ethnicity, race, age, class, sexual orientation, religion, language, disability, health status, political viewpoint, veteran status, and gender identity/expression.

Best Work: Self-Published

Award given to a creator for an outstanding work published independently of a publisher.

Definition of ‘Self Published’: A creator without a publisher (who does not own a publishing, printing or distribution company), using their own funds to publish and print. Funds gathered from crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter, patreon, etc. are eligible.

Best Work: Small Press

Award given to a creator for an outstanding work published by a small press printer.
<BR><BR><em>Definition of ‘Small Press’:</em> A publisher who prints creator-owned work in quantities of 1500 or less, printing 9 titles or less per year. Work may not be considered for Self published or Mid/Large Press award.

Best Work: Mid/ Large Press

Award given to a creator for an outstanding work published by a mid/large press.

Definition of ‘Mid/Large Press’: A publisher who prints work in quantities of at least 2000, printing 10 or more titles per year. Work may not be considered for Self published or Small Press award.

Best Mini Comic

Award given to a creator for an outstanding work that is DIY with 48 pages or fewer.

Definition of ‘Mini Comic’: Self published work with 48 or fewer pages, DIY, staple bound or hand stitched. Work printed in a small format no larger than 8.5 x 5.5 or smaller. Judges may choose to transfer submission to ‘Best Zine’ category, if applicable.

Best Single Floppy Comic

Award given to a creator of a single comic saddle stitched(stapled) floppy with 32 pages or fewer.

Best Zine

Award given to a creator for an outstanding zine.

Definition of ‘Zine’: Self published work in small circulation. Work consists of original or appropriated texts/prose and images consisting of more than one story and/or several contributors.

Best Online Web Comic

Award given to creator for outstanding work that is an ongoing web comic.

Definition of ‘Online Web Comic’: A serialized, ongoing comic that appears online. Work should have been first published on the world wide web.

Best Comic Anthology/Collection

Award given to publisher/editor for outstanding work that is a comics anthology/collection.

<em>Definition of ‘Anthology’:</em> An anthology is a collection of more than one person’s art around a common theme or viewpoint with a single editor or editing team.

<em>Definition of ‘Collection’:</em> A Collection is a compilation of previously printed, shorter works by one or more creators, assembled in a printed package.

Best In Show

Award given to winner as determined by Popular Vote by DiNK Attendees. Includes any NEW work for sale at the DiNK Convention for at least one full convention day. Must be in print and available for purchase at the show

DiNK’s annual DiNKy Awards commit to recognize excellence, promote independent comics from a diversified group, and create a level playing field in which work is judged for its merits, not the strength of its marketing campaign. We understand the challenges of connecting great work to intended audience. Our goal is to assist in that process. Submissions are evaluated by an impartial panel of judges. Nominees are promote to DiNK attendees and followers to create a sense of encouragement and community among all independent cartoonists & artists.

DiNKy Award Applications are closed.