DiNK Fellowship

The DINK Fellowship is a way of supporting and encouraging those that deserve recognition and/or assistance in this wonderfully wacky world of art! The DINK Fellowship is intended to provide financial support to participate in DINK for 13 recipients. This support may vary, from being awarded a discounted/free table to money for transportation and lodgings. All DINK Fellows will be a highlighted member of the show.

DINK welcomes all to apply who can demonstrate financial hardship that prevents them from attending DINK. This means up-and-comers to seasoned veterans!

REQUIREMENTS for the DINK Fellowship

  • Completion of DINK Exhibitor Application

  • DINK Fellowship questions are required for consideration

  • Expressed financial hardship that prevents attendance to DINK

  • A passion for creation and comics

  • Demonstrates alignment with DINK’s Commitment to Diversity