In 2018, DiNK participants were asked to leave one story line, per person, on Exquisite Corpse Story at the Suspect Press booth.

Here's how it turned out:

The room was thick with humidity and dust…
Like a jazzercise class on Tuesdays at 10am.
In class was a corpse instead of a teacher.

My mind is ripe with delusion, I can pen anything.
That was my mistake. My greatest mistake. And now...and now…

The maggots seethed forlornly, because he was lonely.
Lonely for brains and lonely for love.

The burning maggots fell to the side, as I stood up.

No one knew how the story went.
So everyone was finally free to make a powerful one of their own.

She’d tried three times with no luck, but she wouldn’t give up on breaking into the attic.

Mateo ran down the street, desperate to get away from the twins…

Whatever came their way, there was a voice telling them that it was a part of their exquisite destiny.

He could finally create his ultimate monster.

Of course, he had a library card, so there were really no more barriers.

Because he craved a certain mystery to his existence.

His face was only known to those who loved him the most.

Your essence feels like cotton candy.
It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die…

But he couldn’t help himself either since he had been crying for literally the last eight years, 7 months, and 12 days—not that anyone else was counting.

The storm blew in at 3am and Marcia blew in soon after with dilated eyes and a manic twitch…
She blew out counting to five, hoping this time she could calm down.

And she thought: Who am I? Where am I? Why do you feel so good?

He cried like he’d never cried before. It was so silly, he though--it wasn’t even his mother’s funeral.
And then a bear jumped through the window.

The gun went off…
And it wasn’t even the third act, so I walked out into that dark and stormy night.

To find a shadow cast by the Full Moon facing up upon me.

He reeked— decomposition evoked the senses...Indian food, dirty diapers, old people… Not the best odors for a trampoline theme park.

...She felt his presence, not sure how much sadness was mingled in with her nostalgia. Either way, it was cold, and she wished she had never stepped off that bus…

The woman walked off the bus and into the rain…

She tucked herself into her coat and kissed the ring on her right hand; a touch stone for days as this.
As much grace as she had, he had enough to entice her.

Above the street, the wicked kitten peered down upon the woman. If the cat thought in English, it would have thought, “Finally, dinner.”
His whiskers twitched as they sensed every whisper of wind, zeroing in on his prey.

The branches leeched the sky; I felt amazing.

Once again, I had spilled hot food all over myself.

It was delicious.

So I devoured it all in one bite.

It was the most exotic flavor I had ever experienced.

He cried when it caught in the zipper.

But he knew that goldfish don’t have a very long lifespan anyway. We are all dust in the end.

He considered adding a sentence to the notecard, but did not.

Finally, all the slug leech bites overcame her and she dropped to the floor, blood and pus leaking from every pore.

She knew this party was a bad idea.
Ah yes, Denver, a great place to take a shit, but it’s time to be moving on.
She heard the distant sounds of parties in the desert that had never been.

This was definitely the strangest birthday she’d ever had.

But Sarah enjoyed the scent anyway.