DINK: Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo launches One-of-a-kind Greening Mission

Colorado’s newest alternative comics convention DINK (Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo), is set to break ground this March with an ambitious greening mission for its first art expo.

Denver, CO: As art and pop culture conventions pick up speed in Colorado and around the world, DINK convention director Charlie La Greca, hopes to instill greener ethics into a culture that revolves around consumerism, paper consumption, and plastics. The original co-founder of the highly successful Denver Comic Con, La Greca knows firsthand the amount of waste national conventions produce, including copious amounts of paper, plastic water bottles, and trash.

“Fan and Art conventions are a fantastic place to celebrate artists, creators, and tastemakers of this industry. However, due to the volume of consumers, and the paper product it takes to serve them, there is a terrible amount of waste that can be generated from a single weekend event. I remember witnessing the effects after the first Denver Comic Con, and while I was in wonder of what we had accomplished as a community I was thinking to myself, ‘we need to think more sustainable and responsible’ – it really had a profound effect on me”.

In an effort to curtail the amount of waste generated at its first “unique and boutique” convention, DINK directors have laid out an ambitious plan to cut waste, all the while giving back to the environment. Starting with the elimination of plastic water bottles sold onsite during the convention, directors encourage fans to bring their own bottles – filling up on all of the wonderful rocky mountain water they can handle, for free, from sponsor Eldorado Springs Water CO.

Additionally, DINK will offset the waste and impact that a convention of this kind produces. The greening effort starts with the commitment to plant a tree for every TEN tickets sold. The goal of DINK and it’s organizers is to counter the estimated 11,929 pounds of paper waste that the expo will produce — or 60 trees.

This estimation takes into account the amount of artistic content and published books that are purchased and sold as well. DINK’s green initiative is made possible through a partnership with the Fort Collins non-profit, Trees, Water & People (TWP), whose mission is to improve lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage their natural resources.

Since it’s inception DINK has worked with local and environmentally responsible printing companies such as Vision Graphics whose thorough efforts lead the industry and are recognized by the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program and the Printing Industry Association (PIA) as a Certified Green Printer, using soy based inks, recycled paper stock and other initiatives.

Committed to the sustainability movement’s mantra: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, DINK Denver is relentlessly dedicated to a highly responsible, ecologically mindful way of bringing people together.

Constantly striving to bring a new approach to the fan convention circuit, DINK Denver aims to bring a wealth of artistic styles and genres to light with its underground arts celebration. The show will feature over 150 artists, including tattoo and graffiti artists, small print exhibitors, publishers, writers, and artisans gathering over 2 days in Downtown Denver from March 25-26.

A number of renowned artists will be in attendance including underground ‘comix’ legend, Denis Kitchen, Eisner award winner Nate Powell, international NY Times Best Selling creator, Simon Hanselmann, LA Times Book Prize winner, Sammy Harkham, and cartoonist for the New Yorker, Julia Wertz, to name a few. This exciting exhibition of creators from around the country combined with international artists and local talent will fill the five floors of the vintage Sherman Street Event Center to the brim.

For more information about DINK Denver or for ticketing details check out www.dinkdenver.com