DINK Colorado Showcase at GRACE Nov 12

DINK will be hosting a gallery event at GRACe on Nov 12th as a pre-season warm up to the official DINK expo. Join the fun and take part in the Battle Royale Draw-Off, galley showings, meet & greet opportunities and general debauchery in a low-key art gallery environment.

888 E 50th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80216

The featured artists include:

Lonnie M’F’ Allen
Mister V
Thane Benson
Karl Christian Krumpholz
Laurissa Hughes
Matthew Allison
Joe Oliver
Rio Burton
Jaromir Stoll
Cody Kuehl
Dion Harris
Jeremy Aaron Moore
Jake Fairly
Susan Matthews
J James McFarland
Zak Kinsella
Oi Bob Parks
Cachet Whitman
Brett Nienburg
Cayen Sim
Kevin Caron
Paul Niemiec
Don Austin
Morgan Beem
Kristina BadHand
Colton Muheim
Jerianne Fulton
Neil Ewing
Gerhard Kaaihue
Izik Bell
and more to be announced!