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Urban art with literature, zines, small press publishers, underground comix and cocktails!

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DINK: Independent Comic Expo
April 8 & 9, 2017

 The wildly successful Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo (DINK), will be expanding in 2017 to the beautifully restored McNichols Civic Center BuildingSet to take place on on April 8 & 9th in the heart of Downtown Denver.  The grassroots arts festival was carefully selected as one of the first city-wide events to debut at the new hall developed exclusively by Denver Arts & Venues. DINK exhibitor registration is set to open August 30th, accepting international, national and locally celebrated artists, publishers, designers, graffiti artists, tattoo artists, zine makers and independent graphic novelists of all kinds.

‘We take great care in the creative direction and crafting of our show, and the McNichols building provides a fantastic shot of inspiration for 2017. Just as our last venue had charm and artistic inspiration throughout, McNichols will exceed people’s expectations by adding a sophisticated historical appeal for visitors, artists, and vendors alike” stated Charlie La Greca, executive director, and Co-founder of DINK and Denver Comic Con.

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By participating
you are helping inner city youth!

Over the next year DINK will partner with several non-profits, such as Denver Drink and Draw and Love Hope Strength. A percentage of proceeds will go directly towards the creation of a one week youth camp (Name TBD) that will send under-served and inner city youth to the mountains of Colorado as a part of an outreach program that is part “Outward Bound” and part “Literacy and Art Education”.

More details forthcoming.


[Art By Denver Cartoonist, Karl Krumpholz]