Dan Croiser

dan-crosierI have a BFA in sculpture from RMCAD. I had been a gallery artist starting in the world of large scale wood assemblage works of abstraction, and non-representational painting in mixed media. I helped out on several live productions of Motoman Project, a Denver-based machine & pyrotechnic group. This allowed me to form my own stage production, “OFM: OdAm fEI mUd”, a neo-kabuki, sword fight choreographed performance with rotating live band including taiko drummers, aerialist performers, blood canons, and large latex samurai demons conveying a layered cake of tyranny.

From OFM, I started directing my own short films including the experimental “MANMADEHUMAN“, a Mr. Rogers/Henry Rollins inspired spoof lampooning fascism, “PPP” & “PPP2”. Another detour was as the singer for an art rock duo called “The Ch-Ch-Churn”. About this time I started working my way into another storytelling platform, comic books, first writing and co-illustrating my book “Sons of Soil” for Positive Brand, then my own self published book “The Exquisite Vanishteer“. I became known as a wood-burning mixed media artist by illustrating the horror series “Bartholomew of the Scissors”. I also co-writing and illustrating a few “Vincent Price Presents” books, while writing and illustrating licensed books with Distortions Unlimited (Travel Channel’s Making Monsters) and The Enigma’s (X-Files) “ShowDevils” books, with various other illustrators. In the last few years I have expanded help organize large scale public events like Zombie Zone at Denver Pavilions, to more niche events like HorrorHouse Fest: Pinball Tournament of Death and producing the Neal Cassady: The Denver Years documentary for PBS, which led to me producing art segments for Channel 12. Currently I am working on more ShowDevils/Enigma adventures, and a laser burned comic book series “Mr. Skinsman’s Lime Green Yogurt Mythology“. I am also finishing up my “Isolation Man” feature mockumentary based on my Vanishteer comic, while developing a ShowDevils feature film project, and a television pitch project.

Enough about me. How are you?