Catana Chetwynd

“Catana Comics was started on Thanksgiving Day, 2016, when John made a casual suggestion to me that we should make a comic about our relationship. One hour later, the first Catana comic was created – and within the next few days, five more were created. The comics were never intended to be published online, but thanks to John, they were! I was prepared to be embarrassed and torn apart (the internet is a scary place, you know), but to my surprise, the comics took off. Completely unprepared, without a website or social media, or even a name for the comics, we got to work and started to create what we know as Catana Comics today. Thanks to John’s suggestion, his magical ability to create websites in a few hours, and his inspiring daily antics, I am now able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist while juggling the responsibilities of being an obsessive dog mom.”

-Catana Chetwynd