Brian C. Natale

What, like the fact of my being a full-time high school Theatre and Literature teacher hasn’t brought my parents ENOUGH shame?! You seek MORE lurid details of my existence with which I can shame my lineage?! Fine. I have two Master’s degrees (one in Acting and the other in Secondary Education,) I hail from Boulder, but am ashamed to admit I lived in Florida for a decade of my life. I have professional affiliations with Actor’s Equity Association and I.A.T.S.E., as well as a background in Events Planning. I am both a dog and a dragon person, both real and mythical (though I currently only have two….of the bearded variety. I am a Taurus, and I share a birthdate with the (unarguably) GREATEST pianist of all-time: Billy Joel. My hobbies are listening to music of all kinds except any country recorded after 1980, playing video games., embarrassing my students as often as possible, going to concerts, collecting action figures, reading books and magazines, trying to become a vegetarian after a lifetime full of meat-eating, and downloading photo editing apps to use on my phone.