Bakshi Productions, Inc.

Ralph Bakshi worked his way up from Brooklyn and became an animation legend. In the 1970s, he established an alternative to mainstream animation through independent and adult-oriented productions. Between 1972 and 2015, he directed ten theatrically released feature films, six of which he wrote. He has been involved in numerous television projects as director, writer, producer and animator. Some of his popular works include: “Wizards”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Fire and Ice”, “Mighty Mouse”, “The Mighty Heroes”, “Cool World”, “Fritz the Cat”, “Coonskin”, “American Pop”, and “Heavy Traffic”. Ralph Bakshi will be represented on site at DiNK by his son, and Vice President of Bakshi Productions, Inc., Edward Bakshi. Ralph will join a panel at DiNK, and a post-screening Q&A of his film “American Pop” Via skype.