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What is the CO-OP Program?!?!?

It’s easy, we want to cooperate together in a mission that will create revenue for you, other exhibitors, partners, artists, and DINK. It’s important to us that EVERYONE does well at DINK and we know that if you succeed we succeed, it’s that simple.

Thus, the DINK CO-OP Program.
Wouldn’t it be great to hit opening day with money already in your pocket?  Or with your table already paid for in full?

Here’s how it works.

  • We give you a private link.
  • You share this link on your networks, with friends, email, website, blog etc.
  • This link allows buyers to purchase tickets to DINK @ a DISCOUNTED rate. (ONLY the COOP program will get discounted tickets. )
  • Even better, you get kick back for EVERY ticket sold via this link.

So what is that in real numbers?

  • You get $2 for every SINGLE DAY ticket sold.
  • You get $3 for the first 1 – 50 Weekender Passes sold.
  • You get $4 for the next 51 – ?

And you don’t have to do much other than share it with your networks and pass the link around encouraging friends, peers, squirels and various mythological creatures of all sorts to use it. All exhibitors/artists that take part will be cashed out at the end of show.