Announcing the DINKy’s

As a celebration of independent comics, DINK will feature Colorado’s first graphic novel, sequential art, and comic awards called “The DINKy’s” and be coordinated byTinto Press boutique publisher and DINK Special Projects Director, Ted Intorcio.  Committed to recognizing outstanding independent comics and art from a diverse group of submissions, award categories will feature such topics as “Best Work – Large/Mid Press, a “Diversity Award,” “Individual Achievement Awards,” and “Best in Show.

“Coordinating the first ever Colorado-based comics awards is exciting and I understand how meaningful it can be to give deserved recognition to the community. We are committed to curating a list of nominees that can be promoted and create a sense of encouragement and support among within the industry as well as all independent cartoonists, creators, publishers and artists alike.” says Intorcio.

DINKy nominees and award winners will be evaluated by an impartial panel of judges that focus solely on the work itself and not on the marketing materials associated. In so doing, DINK is committed to curating a list of nominees to be promoted to followers ofDINK to create an encouraging community among all independent cartoonists.

Artists who wish to submit their work for “The DINKY’s” will be able to register at the official DINK Website on Monday, Jan 18th beginning at 10 AM. The Awards Ceremony is set to take place on Saturday, March 26 at 8 PM in the Sherman Street Event Center Theater.