Ami Heinrich

ami-heinrichA life-long love affair with David Bowie’s package in the cult classic the Labyrinth, has helped Ami keep an unusual perspective on life. A childhood performer, she landed her first leading role in a “created by and for teens” television series called Minor Adjustments when she was just 16 years old. Since then, she has seen many levels of the entertainment industry both inside and out.

Her passion for music and writing gave birth to her work as the entertainment editor of both college and high school newspapers and led her in the direction she has taken today as the owner Tsunami Publicity, a national event marketing and music publicity firm specializing in niche marketing for unique clients. Her company represents a large range of clients including yoga festivals, touring bands, special events and ad marketing. A self-taught graphic design artist, web-designer and publicist (the skills she gained while running her own retail store) have enabled her to not only capture an in-depth vision for her clients, but also help see it through from beginning to end.