Alex de Campi

Alex de Campi is a British-American music video director, comics writer and columnist. An Eisner Award nominee, de Campi wrote 2005’s mini-series Smoke and her 2006 manga series Kat & Mouse. Some of De Campi’s work falls outside the superhero genre, with Smoke being a political thriller, and Kat & Mouse detailing the adventures of two mystery-solving high school students (a “CSI for tweens”); she has published work for children and for the European market (the French language sci-noir series Messiah Complex).

Her other works includes the Valentine mobile comic,which was the main focus of her column “Uncanny Valleygirl” at the comics industry website Bleeding Cool and Grindhouse comics for Dark Horse. The British Science Fiction Association’s journal Vector praised DeCampi’s work Grindhouse as one of six groundbreaking science fiction works in the comics medium, and declared: “If science fiction was ever a male genre, and comics ever a male medium, de Campi is the saboteur extraordinaire.”