Now in its 3rd year, DiNK seeks to showcase the sequential arts: comic books, graphic novels, small press, zines, design, and alternative art forms, as part of a well-crafted, two-day, nationally-recognized exhibition and celebration of the independent spirit. DINK brings together the creative community of comics, art, tattoo art, urban street art, and fans to promote and highlight their cultural impact, diversity, and relevance in the world.

Denver DiNK strives to develop and inspire dialogue, ideas, innovation, curation, and projects for the creative community. DiNK is partnered with the non-profit The Denver Zine Library and a percentage of proceeds go directly towards the annual one-week youth camp, Camp Comic Book. Camp Comic Book is a non-profit project that sends under-served youth to the mountains of Colorado as a part of an outreach program that is part “Outward Bound” and part “Literacy and Art Education”. Students will spend half of their days in an active outdoor learning experience to connect with the environment and the other half creating comics and art that communicate their experience.