DiNK 2019 Guidelines for Exhibitors

Welcome to the Wonderful World of DiNK!

Initial application Submissions for the 2019 show are now CLOSED. If you would like to join the waitlist, please fill in the form below.

2020 DiNK Submission Guidelines

General Submission Guidelines

  • Priority is given to applicants who complete the entire application. Please answer all relevant questions as thoroughly as possible. Examples of work must be included, either through website links, Instagram links, or a PDF with examples of work.
  • We recommend that you check all of your links before submitting your application. If links do not work on your application, it is at DiNK’s discretion whether additional research will be completed to find the appropriate site.
  • If you will be applying to share a table with another artist, please apply separately and indicate on your application.

(Optional) PDF Submission

  • An optional 5-page PDF portfolio may be submitted (we'd love if you do this!). Please save the PDF at pre-set (smallest file size). PDF should not be larger than 25MB.  This PDF should include work that is current and up-to-date, best represents you and your anticipated work to be displayed at DiNK.

Booth/Table Options & Pricing

Please note that due to show logistics, not every requests for a full table can be accommodated.

  • Premium Booth option: Includes two 6' x 30" tables, 4 chairs, 4 badges, welcome package ($395)
  • Full Table: One table (6' x 30"), 2 chairs, 2 badges, welcome package ($180)
  • Half Table: HALF table (3' x 30"), 1 chair, 1 badge, welcome package ($90)
  • Premium Placement: High traffic location on the exhibitor floor - limited availability ($30 additional)
  • Access to Power Outlet: Table location near power outlet - limited availability ($20 additional)
  • Additional Badge: Weekend exhibitor pass, does not include an additional chair ($20 additional)

DiNK Fellowship Guidelines

    • The DiNK Fellowship is intended to provide support to a diverse selection of artists who may be facing financial hardship, proving a beacon or mentor in their local community, deserving of wider recognition, a trailblazer, or simply fresh and new to the field.  Thirteen recipients are chosen and support varies, from discounted or free table, lodging and/or lunch during the show. All DiNK Fellows will be a highlighted member of the show.
    • DiNK welcomes all to apply who would otherwise be prevented from attending DiNK. Fellowship funds are intended to be used to participate at DiNK and not as funding for the completion of projects.
    • Requirements for the DiNK Fellowship:
  • DiNK Fellowship questions are required to be answered for consideration
  • Expressed financial hardship that would otherwise prevent attendance to DiNK
  • A passion for creation and comics
  • Examples of community activation and/or leadership
  • Demonstrates alignment with DiNK’s commitment to diversity

DiNK Lottery

  • Because DiNK is a curated show and space is limited, DiNK is not able to accept all applicants. However, 15% of DiNK Exhibitors are randomly selected through a lottery process.
  • If you are not chosen for the 2019 expo, you have the option of being included in the DiNK Lottery.
  • The DiNK Lottery will be held in January 2019. If you choose to participate, your application will be randomly assigned a number. This process is not first come, first serve. Numbers will be selected at random and accepted applicants will be contacted with an offer for a full or half table at DiNK.
  • DiNK Lottery winners will have one week to accept or decline a table invitation.