Sunday, April 15

King Kirby Main Stage

TIMEPANEL TITLEModeratorPanelist
12:00 PMMeow Wolf: Bringing Concept Art to LifeDaniel Crosier
1:00 PMSpotlight: Joe KellyJoe Kelly
2:00 PMSpotlight: Steven T. SeagleSteve T. Seagle
3:00 PM
Spotlight: John Leguizamo
4:00 PMSpotlight: Jeff Lemire and Matt KindtCharlie LaGrecaJeff LeMireMatt Kindt
5:00 PMDog CosplayJeff LaGreca, Suzanne Slade

Wally Wood Lab

TIMEPANEL TITLEModeratorPanelist
12:30 PMCat Stratch Fever: The Popularity of Cats in ComicsJeremy StollAlly ShwedDanielle CorsettoJeffery Brown
1:30 PMWhat is Queer: Discussions of Identity in Independent ComicsDylan EdwardsLeda ZawackiJosh TrujilloBlu DellantiHoward Kruse
2:30 PMOvercoming Fear: Finishing Your ProjectR. Alan BrooksLonnie MF AllenMelanie GillmanMatt StrackbeinAmy Reeder
3:30 PMFrom the Publisher's Mouth: Marketing Strategies to Sell Your ArtTed IntoricioChristy ThackerAvi ErlichLuz Magdaleno (Brown and Proud)Denis Kitchen

Eisner Nook (Corner Room)

TIMEPANEL TITLEModeratorPanelist
12:45 PMCensor This!: The Evolution of Censorship in Indie ArtJake FairlyDenis KitchenAvi Erlich
1:45 PMSocial Movements: The Relevance of Art in a Political WorldTyler Chin-TannerGerardo AlbaPranasKat FarjadoCait Zellers
2:45 PMCreating Comics and Community in ColoradoHana ZittelThane BensonDylan EdwardsStan YanAmber Greenlee
3:45 PMInternational Passport: Learning about Comics in Other CountriesJeremy StollMario GonzalesKris BarzCliodhna Ztoical

The Workshop Creative Space

1:00 PMWet-in-Wet Technique with Jamica DyerJamiaca Dyer
2:00 PMStarting from Scratch: Making Your Own ComicBrian Essig-Peppard
3:00 PMJoke Writing for Your Comics with Teresa LoganTeresa Logan
4:00 PMMemory Printing WorkshopKarl Osoko
Mutiny Cafe
1:00 PMZinemaking 101Rachel
2:30 PMJapanese Model Building
Bar Space
2:00 PMTear It Apart: Kit Bashing with Misha FraserMisha Fraser