2017 Exhibitor Feedback Form

2017 Exhibitor / Artist Feedback Form

  • TEAM DINK Thanks you!

    Thank you for showing at the 2nd annual DINK Comic & Art Expo, DINK would not be possible without you! Our community of comics and art are very near and dear to us and the fact that you put forth your efforts to attend and take part means a lot. We are still but an infant and we would love your feedback both positive and constructive that could help us create a better DINK in 2018. We hope you will take a few minutes to give us your thoughts.
  • Please leave us your name.
  • We're hoping one of our team checked in with you at some point during the show!
  • 1 UP & 1 DOWN!

    We know that the experience of the show is different for everyone which is why we'd just like some individual insights and ideas... the good with the bad.
  • Please leave us feedback explaining something we got right or that was wonderfully executed. Our team worked hard and the positive feedback goes a long way!
  • Please leave us 'helpful and constructive' feedback of where we fell short or what we could do better to improve and make DINK 2018 a great show!
  • Please leave any additional important insights or new ideas you'd like to give.
  • Lastly, 2018!

    We're already working hard towards 2018, we've announced the new dates of April 14-15th, 2018 along with first special guests, Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt. So.....