2016 DINKy Comic Award Spotlight: Best Zine/Mini

best mini

Laffy Meal by Pranas T. Naujokaitis

In what may be the ultimate metaphor for mini comics (presented in a mini comic), Laffy Meal by Pranas T Naujokaitis has created something not just clever but conceptually profound. Mini comics (for me anyway) are a lot like fast food after all. They’re both quick and cheap, and of course, both satisfy an immediate hunger (often brought about by drinking too much). In this regard, Laffy Meal certainly delivers. It’s a collection of mini comics that tell the story of a family trip to the local McDonalds-influenced eatery. Each mini comic covers this event from the point of view of a particular family member. The down on his luck dad (the burger) the angsty teen (the fries), the anxiety-ridden mom (the drink), the single minded kid (the toy); even the dog  (the ketchup packet) is represented. All of them hand-assembled with colorful, screen-printed covers. In addition, the minis are served up in a typical fast-food paper bag.

Unlike fast food, this story is one of substance. Nor did the decision to buy this mini comic end in regret after it was consumed. Why is that?  Because Laffy Meal has a great story to go along with its packaging.  Pranas’ sense of humor and his drawing style pare well together with the concept, resulting in a very strong and entertaining overall product that is simple yet fun. If you’re a connoisseur of mini comics you’ll definitely want to pick this up.

You can pick up a copy here!