2016 DINKy Spotlight Best WEB Comic

Some Did Rest by Niki Smith

Best Web Comic

This is easily one of my favorites from the 2016 DINKy Awards. It’s set in what I believe is Japan, some years after a monolithic earthquake has destroyed the country and killed much of the population. Perhaps as a result of a 1 child per family policy that had limited the number of adults to begin with, or perhaps because it was hardest hit in the business district of the city, this natural disaster has resulted in the death of most of the working class; leaving mostly the elderly and the children alive to pick up the pieces. The story centers around Seung; a survivor just now entering his late teens and dealing with having grown up in a post-apocalyptic society without any living role models.

Some Did Rest is cinematic. Maybe the best thing about it, for me, is how the author, Niki Smith takes their time in telling this particular story. It’s sparce with words, letting you get to know the characters as you might in real life; little by little, with experience. Alternatively, their depiction of scenery is packed. The environment is masterfully-crafted and fully realized, with all the detail of a feature film director of photography who merely captures it through a lens. The drawing is spectacular. The sense of design and use of spot blacks are wonderful. The artist let’s the character’s expressions do most of the talking so the reader is left following from one performance to the next. It is reminiscent of my favorite manga. Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub, and A Drifting Life come to mind. I could talk on and on about the virtues of this story but I really want you to experience it for yourself. You can do that (FOR FREE!!?)  at http://www.somedidrest.com/ I really can’t say enough good things about this series and would suggest you support it through their patreon link as soon as possible. https://www.patreon.com/NikiSmith#/_=_