2016 DINKy Comic Award Spotlight: Best Work, Small Press

Happy 2017! Welcome to the first of our DINKy award winner spotlights! We at DINK want to spread the word about great independent works that we think are well worth picking up. We are starting with Best Work From a Small press. This review was written by Jeremy Stoll a DINKy judge.

The winner of 2016’s DINKy for Best Work from a Small Press was the exciting anthology Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back, from Toronto-based publisher Ad Astra Comix. The original, Indian publisher Zubaan helped develop this project through a 2014 Delhi-based workshop organized as a response to a series of high-profile rapes in India starting in 2012. In particular, cartoonist and illustrator Priya Kuriyan collaborated with German creators and Spring collective co-founders Larissa Bertonasco and Ludmilla Bartscht on the workshop. The result was a series of 14 vivid and wide-ranging stories illustrating the diversity of women’s experiences in India. In the end, Drawing the Line not only engages with the debate around sexual violence, but also directly confronts the essentialization of rape as a “Third World” problem. Furthermore, in covering topics from work to play, love, pay, caste, and everyday sexism, the contributors and editors truly do fight back – with dignity and an appreciation for the power of individual storytelling and comics as community making.

You can purchase this book online here.