2016 DINKy Comic Award Spotlight: Best Work, Self-Published

This week’s spotlight is written by Ted Intorcio, head of Tinto Press and DINKy Director.

It seemed fitting that the second in this series of spotlights should cover the only creator to take home two DINKy awards. Both Best Self Published Work and Best in Show. Make no mistake, they are well deserved.

O Human StarVol. One is a tale about Alastair Sterling; the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. His sudden death prevents him from experiencing the effects of this revolution. Miraculously,16 years later he is resurrected in a robot body that matches his old one. He awakens to find a much different world where robots and humans coexistas neighbors and families. Al seeks out his old apprentice/ coworker/ partner Brendan to find out who is responsible for Al’s unexpected resurrection, but their reunion just raises more questions.

O Human Star has a lot going for it. In addition to being a wonderful love story for these men, it challenges the reader’s perceptions of what “normal” looks like; a challenge anyone with a social conscience in a an ever-changing and evolving society must ask themselves. OHS explores LGBTQ issues in a very sensitive way without having this context / subtext overpower the story. Far from that, it allows the reader to just enjoy the mystery of the world Blue Delliquanti has created alongside Alastair who is as much in wonder at it as we are. Blue’s Manga-influenced style is more than competent and complements the tone of the story nicely. I can’t recommend this book enough for anyone who likes great stories with rich context and tons of applicability. But don’t take my word for it, discover it for yourself. Check the link to order your copy. For myself, I look forward to volume two with great interest and anticipation.