2016 DINKy Comic Award Spotlight: Industry Achievement Award

Industry Award

Written by Ted Intorcio

Porcellino’s self-published, series King-Cat Comics is among the best-known and longest-running Independent comics ever produced. He created King-Cat in May of 1989, and to date has self-published 76 issues. His body of work includes (but is not limited to) the graphic novels Thoreau at Walden, The Hospital Suite, Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, Map of My Heart, and The Next Day.

John’s stripped down, understated use of line serves to create a graphic language all its own, like a set of personal pictograms that illicit emotions with incredible clarity and power. This deceptive simplicity unifies his typography with the drawings more completely than other artists, enhancing the overall graphic impact. He has influenced a generation of creators. but like Charles Schultz, his style can never be mimicked.  More than any other creator of comics, John has shunned commercial trends and has been uncompromising in his approach to telling a story. Certainly taking the high road has not been easy for John but it has always been fruitful; and the work bares that out.  He shows us how comics can be at their level best. Not only as entertainment but as visual poetry whose sensitivity and accessibility we connect with on a profound level. You can order King Car HERE. I want to encourage everyone to help support John’s work by buying his books and contributing via Patreon. Go to his Patreon site HERE to read more about John and get an even better sense of why his work is special. If you find yourself intrigued, I’d recommend grabbing a copy of Root Hog Or Die the John P. Documentary by Kilgore Books.