04:00 pm :: SPOTLIGHT: Self Expression and Artistic Achievement Through Entrepreneurial Action Figure Bootlegging

04/08/2017, 04:00 pm

Moderated by The Super Sucklord, “The Godfather” of the Action Figure Bootleg Subculture
The Super Sucklord walks us down the path of Action Figure Bootleg Subculture; a discipline that focuses on re-purposing existing toy parts into new amalgamated characters. Sucklord talks about how he came to do this type of work, the technical aspects of self-manufacture and DIY Branding/ self-invention. The whole thing is full of humorous anecdotes, philosophical musings about the nature of creativity, and jokes. A great spotlight for not only Sucklord fans, but anybody who aspires to start their own independent art business!

Moderators: The Super Sucklord