DiNK Indie Art Expo
Will Return Soon

Comic Friends, Fans and Creators –

So much has changed since we last gathered together in Denver. We are deeply saddened by the effects the pandemic has had on the comics convention circuit and the artist community.

Due to COVID-19, capacity laws and travel restrictions, it is not feasible to produce a quality independent and international comic expo at this time. However, we are working behind the scenes to return as soon as it’s socially responsible to host another large, in-person, event. 

We are looking at online options for 2021 and may reach out in the coming weeks with a survey to see how we can continue to nurture and support the comic community during this trying time.

Stay in touch and check back often.

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Sophisticated yet never dull, DiNK sources talent that has both wit and grit, with concepts ranging from social justice to the antisocial and everything in between.