TIME PANEL TITLE Moderator Panelist Description
12:00 PM SPOTLIGHT: Dash Shaw Dash Shaw After premiering his new film “My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea” at the Alamo Drafthouse on Friday, Dash can be seen at DINK for an intimate panel where Dash talks about his experiences with opportunities for questions.  Dash Shaw is a cartoonist and animator whose latest graphic novel, “Cosplayers” arrived September 2016 from Fantagraphics Books. His other recent books include “Doctors”, “New School”, “BodyWorld” and “Bottomless Belly Button.” is animated works include “Wheel of Fortune”, “Blind Date 4”, the Sigur Ros video and Sundance selection “Seraph” (co-written with John Cameron Mitchell), and the 2009 IFC webseries “The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century AD”.
12:15 PM Judging a Book: Developing Cover Art for Your Creation Ted Intorcio Amy Reeder, Jeremy Aaron Moore, and Sam Spina This panel will focus on that important first impression to your work, the cover. Listen to skillful artists talk about their process, techniques, and thoughts behind developing this important piece for your creation.
12:30 PM Not Just for Kids: Creating Comics for All-Ages Dave Roman Robert Goodin, Pranas Naujokaitis, Samuel Teer, and Josh Trujillo All Ages comics are becoming more prominent and more and more creators are creating them but are struggling against the notion that all ages = kid’s comics. Creators who are creating comics for all-ages and those creating comics geared towards kids come together on this interesting discussion on being relevant to a larger population.
1:00 PM Kickstarting Your Comic: Using Crowdfunding for Your Project Alan Brooks Melanie Gillman and Ally Shwed Crowdfunding is one of the newest phenomenon in self-publishing your creations! Learn tips and tricks for successful artists who have launched their projects using Kickstarter campaigns.
1:00 PM WORKSHOP: Working with Your Hands: Using Mixed Media for Creation Daniel Crosier In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn from Dan Crosier the benefits of working different materials that are not traditional and not digital either. These mediums will range from illustrating on wood, wood burning, and 3D drawing all setup to create a three-panel sequence or story. This workshop will encourage you to experiment in alternative materials and expand on the comic book medium of storytelling.
1:15 PM Art and Activism: Why and How to Combine the Two Jeremy stoll Denis Kitchen, Kayvan Khalatbari, Jamaica Dyer, and Nia Kinf
1:30 PM F*ck Off: Punk Rock and the Irreverent Creator Jon Price Jake Fairly, Dave Baker,
2:00 PM SPOTLIGHT: Sarah Glidden Sarah Glidden
2:00 PM WORKSHOP: Zine Making 101 Kelly Shortandqueer Come to the Wonderful World of Zines with the Denver Zine Library’s Co-Founder, Kelly Shortandqueer! In this workshop, Kelly will walk attendees through the process of making their own zines!
2:15 PM INDIE PUBLISHING: Make the Art You Want to See Ted Intorcio Radiator Comics, Birdy Magazine, Silver Sprocket, and Hex Publishing
2:30 PM WORKSHOP: Storyboard Your Script: Starting Your Production Brian Essig-Peppard Creating storyboards is an often overlooked component of storytelling, but storyboarding can be valuable in the creative process by allowing the developer to organize images and to visualize how the project will be put together, designating areas of camera movement, editing, shot set-up, sound, music and other elements unique to digital storytelling. Join Brian Essig-Peppard in this workshop on using storyboarding for the creation of your own story.
3:00 PM Nevertheless, She Persisted: Feminism in Indie Art TBD Kristina Bad Hand, Ally Shwed, Hannah Fischer, and Cait Zellers
3:00 PM WORKSHOP: How to Make a One-Page Mini Comic Alec Longstrenth
3:15 PM Moving Beyond the Page:Using Comics in other Media Forms Zak Kinsella Sam Spina, Melanie Gillman, Josh Trujillo, and Dash Shaw
3:30 PM Working Together: The Collaborative Process of Creation Samuel Teer Kit Seaton, Leila del Duca, and Morgan Beem
4:00 PM SPOTLIGHT: Self Expression and Artistic Achievement Through Entrepreneurial Action Figure Bootlegging The Super Sucklord Moderated by The Super Sucklord, “The Godfather” of the Action Figure Bootleg Subculture
The Super Sucklord walks us down the path of Action Figure Bootleg Subculture; a discipline that focuses on re-purposing existing toy parts into new amalgamated characters. Sucklord talks about how he came to do this type of work, the technical aspects of self-manufacture and DIY Branding/ self-invention. The whole thing is full of humorous anecdotes, philosophical musings about the nature of creativity, and jokes. A great spotlight for not only Sucklord fans, but anybody who aspires to start their own independent art business!
4:00 PM KID’S WORKSHOP: Comics Character Team Up Dave Roman Join author Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy, Teen Boat, Goosebumps) for an interactive workshop that’s all about developing unique characters and collaborating with fellow artists to create unexpected comic stories full of crazy twists and turns.
4:15 PM Action in Creation: Making Diversity Happen Alan Brooks Andi Sangata, Lonnie Allen, Melanie Gillman, and Brian Essig-Peppard Inspired by the Colorful Characters podcast series that asked the question of “Is diversity not marketable,” this panel looks to move beyond a conversation of awareness to one of action. With a diverse group of creators, we’ll explore the question of “What can we do support diversity in indie art?”
4:30 PM Brushstrokes: Hand Painting Your Comic Zak Kinsella Robert Goodin, Felipe Echevarria, and Jamaica Dyer
5:00 PM Art Under Trump Nation: Fighting Against Oppression Jeremy stoll Sarah Glidden, Gerardo Aldo, Ed Stein, and Mike Keefe
5:00 PM Zine and Comic Book Reading Kelly Shortandqueer Nia King, Neil Ewing, and Jake Fairly
6:00 PM Going Strong: Maintaining Longevity in Creating Jon Price Vance Feldman, Tony Millionaire, Justin Madson, and Gilbert Hernandez
7:00 PM Adult Coloring and Cocktails with LowBrow
7:30 PM Dinky Awards! Alan Brooks
TIME PANEL TITLE Moderator Panelist Description
12:00 PM Homegrown: The Evolution of Colorado Comics Bob Conway, Dennis Pimple, Karl Krumpholz, Lonnie Allen, and Melanie Gillman
12:15 PM Indigenous Knowledge: Visual Storytelling and the Long-Term Effect Kristina Bad Hand Renee Nejo and Walt Pourier In this panel, panelists will be taking a look at using comic books as a tool to cultivate creativity, inspire and teach life lessons while illustrating how visual storytelling is a traditional and cyclical way of teaching many different lessons. This will also include how comics can be implemented in classrooms and why stories capture the attention of students.
12:15 PM WORKSHOP: Intuitive Comic Workshop with Aidan Koch Aidan Koch In this workshop led by our Special Guest Aidan Koch, attendees will learn ways to create imagery and story out of nothing, showing that you don’t need to always have everything mapped out or know the start or finish when working with comics. The collaborative aspect helps in ‘seeing’ a story where maybe one may not exist intentionally. It is learning to project and convey meaning through language.
12:30 PM Breaking the Wall: Artists from Mexico in Indie Comics Mario Gonzales Jimena Sanchez, Gerardo Alba, and Anwar Karim
1:00 PM WORKSHOP: How to Draw Diverse Faces with Amy Reeder Amy Reeder
1:15 PM WORKSHOP: Live Ink Demonstration: Tools, Techniques, and Tips Kevin Caron
1:30 PM Comics in Journalism Alan Brooks Sarah Glidden, Jeremy Stoll, and John Wenzel
2:00 PM Thinking about the Whole Page: Graphic Design in Comics Ted Intorcio Sam Spina, Leila del Duca, Scorpio Steele, and Matt Allison
2:15 PM KID’S WORKSHOP: Design Your Own Character with Red Team Go! Red Team Go!
2:15 PM Cultural Influences of the LGBTQ Community on Indie Art Kelly Shortandqueer Kris Barz, Dylan Edwards, Hannah Fischer, and Josh Trujillo
2:30 PM SPOTLIGHT: Tony Millionaire Jon Price Tony Millionaire
3:00 PM Melancholia: The Influence of Mood in the Process of Creation Lonnie Allen Aiden Koch, Noah Van Sciver, Jamaica Dyer, and Karl Krumpholz
3:15 PM WORKSHOP: Colored Pencil Demo Melanie Gillman
3:30 PM SPOTLIGHT: Hernandez Brothers Charlie LaGreca Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, and Mario Hernandez