Programming Schedule

Room Cyan
TIME PANEL TITLE Moderator Panelist
12:00 PM SPOTLIGHT: Dash Shaw Dash Shaw
1:00 PM Kickstarting Your Comic: Using Crowdfunding for Your Project R. Alan Brooks Vance Feldman, Melanie Gillman and Ally Shwed
2:00 PM SPOTLIGHT: Sarah Glidden Daiman Buford Sarah Glidden
3:00 PM Nevertheless, She Persisted: Feminism in Indie Art TBD Kristina Bad Hand, Ally Shwed, Hannah Fischer, and Cait Zellers
5:00 PM Art Under Trump Nation: Fighting Against Oppression Jeremy stoll Sarah Glidden, Gerardo Aldo, Ed Stein, and Mike Keefe
6:00 PM Going Strong: Maintaining Longevity in Creating Jon Price Vance Feldman, Tony Millionaire, Justin Madson, and Gilbert Hernandez
7:30 PM Dinky Awards! R. Alan Brooks
9:30 AM Sexpot Comedy Presents: Nerd Roast of Harry Potter
Map Room/Magenta Room
12:15 PM Judging a Book: Developing Cover Art for Your Creation Ted Intorcio Andrew, MacLean, Amy Reeder, Jeremy Aaron Moore, and Sam Spina
1:15 PM Art and Activism:Why and How to Combine the Two Jeremy stoll Denis Kitchen, Kayvan Khalatbari, Jamaica Dyer, and Nia King
2:15 PM Indie Publishing: Make the Art You Want to See Ted Intorcio Radiator Comics, Birdy Magazine, Silver Sprocket, and Hex Publishing
3:15 PM Moving Beyond the Page:Using Comics in other Media Forms Zak Kinsella Sam Spina, Melanie Gillman, Josh Trujillo, and Dash Shaw
4:15 PM Action in Creation: Making Diversity Happen R. Alan Brooks Andi Sangata, Lonnie MF Allen, Melanie Gillman, and Brian Essig-Peppard
5:30 PM The Narrators Series @ DINK Ron Doyle Zach Howard, Kris Barz, Stephen Graham Jones
Corner Room/Yellow Room
12:30 PM Not Just for Kids: Creating Comics for All-Ages Dave Roman Robert Goodin, Pranas Naujokaitis, Samuel Teer, and Josh Trujillo
1:30 PM F*ck Off: Punk Rock and the Irreverent Creator Jon Price Jake Fairly, Dave Baker, Sucklord
2:30 PM WORKSHOP: Storyboard Your Script: Starting Your Production Brian Essig-Peppard
3:30 PM Working Together: The Collaborative Process of Creation Samuel Teer Kit Seaton, Leila del Duca, and Morgan Beem
4:30 PM Brushstrokes: Hand Painting Your Comic Zak Kinsella Robert Goodin, Felipe Echevarria, and Jamaica Dyer
Open Space/Key Room
1:00 PM WORKSHOP: Working with Your Hands: Using Mixed Media for Creation Daniel Crosier
2:00 PM WORKSHOP: Zine Making 101 Kelly Shortandqueer
3:00 PM WORKSHOP: How to Make a One-Page Mini Comic Alec Longstrenth
5:00 PM Zine and Comic Book Reading Kelly Shortandqueer Nia King, Neil Ewing, and Jake Fairly
6:30 PM Adult Coloring and Cocktails with LowBrow
Big Room/Cyan Room
TIME PANEL TITLE Moderator Panelist
12:30 PM Breaking the Wall: Artists from Mexico in Indie Comics Mario Gonzales Jimena Sanchez, Gerardo Alba, and Anwar Karim
1:30 PM Comics in Journalism R. Alan Brooks Sarah Glidden, Jeremy Stoll, and John Wenzel
2:30 PM SPOTLIGHT: Tony Millionaire Jon Price Tony Millionaire
3:30 PM SPOTLIGHT: Hernandez Brothers Charlie LaGreca Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, and Mario Hernandez
4:30 PM Dog Cosplay Jeff LaGreca
5:30 PM Dink Art Auction
6:30 PM Free Screening of Isolation Man Daniel Crosier
Map Room/Magenta Room
12:00 PM WORKSHOP: Intuitive Comic Workshop with Aidan Koch Aidan Koch
1:00 PM WORKSHOP: How to Draw Diverse Faces with Amy Reeder Amy Reeder
2:15 PM Cultural Influences of the LGBTQ Community on Indie Art Kelly Shortandqueer Kris Barz, Dylan Edwards, Hannah Fischer, and Josh Trujillo
3:15 PM WORKSHOP: Colored Pencil Demo Melanie Gillman
Corner Room/Yellow Room
12:15 PM Indigenous Knowledge: Visual Storytelling and the Long-Term Effect Kristina Bad Hand Renee Nejo and Walt Pourier
1:15 PM WORKSHOP:Live Ink Demonstration: Tools, Techniques, and Tips Kevin Caron
2:00 PM Thinking about the Whole Page: Graphic Design in Comics Ted Intorcio Sam Spina, Leila del Duca, Scorpio Steele, and Matt Allison
3:00 PM Melancholia: The Influence of Mood in the Process of Creation Lonnie MF Allen Aiden Koch, Noah Van Sciver, Jamaica Dyer, and Karl Krumpholz
Open Space/Key Room
12:00 PM Homegrown: The Evolution of Colorado Comics Bob Conway, Dennis Pimple, Karl Krumpholz, Lonnie MF Allen, and Melanie Gillman
1:00 PM Live Art Drawing with Denver Artists’ Salon Jeremy Aaron Moore
2:00 PM KID’S WORKSHOPS: Design Your Own Character with Red Team Go! Red Team Go!