April 8 & 9, 2017
McNichols Civic Center Building

One of the Top 10 Events of 2017
– Denver Post

DINK Returns April 8-9, 2017
McNichols Civic Center Building

With a full roster of local, national and international exhibitors, publishers, and special guest artists, DINK is poised to bring more than just great art to the Mile High City. Special guests include the Hernandez Brothers (Love & Rockets), Tony Millionaire, Sarah Glidden, The Sucklord, Forevercape, return of underground comix legend, Denis Kitchen, New York art darling, Aidan Koch, and award-winning and local favorite Noah Van Sciver, Amy Reeder and Zach Howard among others.

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 “A DIY and intensely local warm-up to a summer of pop-culture bingeing

 – The Denver Post

Featuring Special Guests & Exhibitors